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Connecting Employers to Job Seekers

Meet Patricia Brooks Arenburg, the Employer Engagement Specialist at Job Junction Nova Scotia Works.

She helps employers identify and address their recruitment challenges, offering no-cost services tailored to each employer’s needs. Patricia promotes their opportunities, organizes and hosts hiring events, and helps connect employers to job seekers and community resources in an effort to tackle their immediate and future hiring needs.

With proven success in case management and job development, Patricia works in a collaborative way to engage, motivate, and empower clients and colleagues to achieve their goals. Before making the move into career development, Patricia was an award-winning journalist based in Halifax. She continues to be a valuable source of information when it comes to labour market information, trends and community resources for job seekers.

“Above all else, I'm a connector who sees the potential in others and in our community. I focus on doing what I can to effect positive change, one step at a time.

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