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Get to Know the Job Junction Staff: Alva Bourque

Learn More About Our Job Developer


The team at Job Junction – Nova Scotia Works is eager to assist you with all your job search needs. From resume and cover letter critiques, to case management, to workshops and webinars, our expert staff can support you through every step of your career development journey.

Meet Alva Bourque, Job Developer

Alva is the Job Developer at Job Junction. In her role, she works closely with candidates in guiding them on how to effectively market themselves to employers. She is also a matchmaker! That means, matching the right person to the right job. Connecting candidates to employers is one of the many things she accomplishes in her role.

Nothing can wipe away the friendly smile on Alva's face – she is always beaming day in and day out. (That is, except when it is snowing!)

A proud immigrant who came to Halifax from the Philippines almost 14 years ago, Alva brings a diverse career background to the table. She has worked as a Failure Analysis/Quality Assurance Engineer, High School Math Teacher, Grade School Tutor, Technical Sales Specialist, Travel Agent, and Business Owner, to name a few. Alva jokingly admits that she must have fulfilled every possible job out there!

When not working, Alva enjoys spending time with her family, being active and travelling. She also enjoys reading non-fiction books. Alva is “attempting” to learn French and has recently become a plant enthusiast.

No matter what time of day, Alva’s energy and enthusiasm are here to stay!

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