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Make Your Resume Statements Count

“Excellent communication skills.” If you were an employer, would you be convinced with just reading that statement?  In this session we will explore what makes statements in the resume powerful to the reader, and how can you make sure your resume makes a great impression.

Analyze the Job Posting

Join us in this interactive session where together we will analyze a job posting step by step. Learn about some things to look for when you are reading job postings and how you can use this skill to improve your resumes and cover letters.

Beat the Applicant Tracking System

Have you ever wondered about what might happen when you apply for a job online? This session talks about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), how it works and 5 things we can do to beat the system.

Resume Styles and Sections

Resumes can be laid out and presented in many different ways, but do you know which is the best suited for you and your experience/qualifications? In this session, we will discuss the role of each individual section in the resume, the three major styles of resumes you can put together, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Why does the Hidden Job Market Exist?

Statistics show that only about 15% to 20% of jobs available in Nova Scotia are ever openly advertised. Join us for a discussion about why this is the case, and uncover the reasons why job seekers and employers are moving in different directions.

Networking and the Small World Theory

Networking is the key to unlocking the door to opportunities in the Hidden Job Market. In this session, we will define what networking is for the job seeker, discuss why the small world theory is central to our networking approach, and provide a guide on how we can leverage our existing relationships to kickstart our exploration of the Hidden Job Market. We recommend attending the Why does the Hidden Job Market Exist? webinar prior to attending this webinar.

Cultivate Your Networking Target List

There are many companies "hiding" in the Hidden Job Market, quietly making new hires without posting or advertising jobs for the masses to see. In this session, you will learn why it is important to first clarify your priorities, then take steps towards cultivating a list of companies you want to target in your networking efforts. We recommend attending the Networking and the Small World Theory webinar prior to attending this webinar.

Master the Cold Call

Cold calling is one of the most effective ways to connect with employers offering opportunities in the Hidden Job Market. However, it is something that very few job seekers consider doing (and even fewer do successfully). Join us to learn about the strategies and scripts needed to properly execute your cold calls - setting you apart from your competition and leaving an excellent impression on future employers. We recommend attending the Cultivate Your Networking Target List webinar prior to attending this webinar.

Foster New Networking Relationships

As we begin to connect with key professionals within our industry using via networking, we realize that success is about more than just a surface level introduction. The final step in our journey to uncovering opportunities in the Hidden Job Market is all about leveraging an introduction into a conversation into something more. In this session, you will learn about how you can use the informational interview to set the foundation for a new networking relationship. We recommend attending the Master the Cold Call webinar prior to attending this webinar.

The Career Planning Process

Are you looking for or considering a career change but not sure what that next adventure is going to be? Or maybe at a place in your life or career where you still aren't sure what you want to be when you grow up? Join us for a theoretical introduction to the career planning process, and why it is so important within the scope of career decision making. We will also discuss how we can use elements of self-assessment to kick start our career exploration.

Labour Market Information

As you move through the career planning process, there will come a point where Labour Market Information becomes crucial in evaluating your potential choices. Join us for an overview of where and how you can obtain Labour Market Information to aid your career decision making. 

Storytelling for Interview Success

Everyone has unique stories to tell from their past experiences. This session will help you understand the principles of dynamic storytelling and introduce one simple structure that you can use to ensure you share your stories to their fullest potential in your next job interview.

The Interview Checklist

When job seekers put together a mental imagery of a job interview, they normally picture the interview chair. However, a job interview is so much more than the time spent in that chair! There is a lot of work to be done outside that interview room in order to perform well. Join us as we run through a checklist that jobseekers need to focus on or remember during each of the three distinct time segments of the job interview: before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview.

Interview Styles and Types

Job interviews come in many different shapes and sizes. This session explores the different types and styles of interviews that employers have at their disposal when assessing candidates. Join us for a conversation on how to pivot and apply specific strategies depending on the situation. Special focus will be placed on phone and video-conference interviews, as we all navigate this new social distanced virtual environment together.

Tell Me About Yourself

What are employers really looking for when they ask this question? Having a solid and consistent answer is a necessity for networking, interviewing, and your resume profile. This session will highlight some of the key points to focus on when crafting your answer.

Tricky Interview Questions

Have you ever been stumped by an interview question? Maybe you've answered a question in a way that you wish you could take back? Is there something that you wish an employer wouldn't ask you about? There are many interview questions that employers can use to catch us in a pickle. This session will give you an opportunity to learn about some common strategies used to combat tricky questions, and an opportunity to discuss specific questions that have caused you trouble in the past.

Skills Development Information Session

The SD program provides financial assistance to eligible individuals, helping them obtain the skills training they need to find new employment. Participants will receive the opportunity to learn about requirements, eligibility, and the application process.

Explore Your Transferable Skills

Many job seekers struggle identifying their skills, or understanding how they can be applied to new work in different ways. This session will begin to change and expand the way we think about our skills by understanding that they can come from any area or aspect of our lives.

The Screening Process

Have you ever wondered how employers process and filter through the hundreds of resumes and cover letters they receive during a job competition? Join us for a step-by-step walk-through of the screening process, and a discussion on how we can improve our chances of standing out of the pack by gaining a better understanding of the application process from the employer’s shoes.

Troubleshoot Your Job Search

Does your job search feel a little stagnant? Don’t know where to turn next? Through an exploration of some common speed-bumps we may have hit already, we will discuss how you can use what you have learned so far to build your inner career development guide and achieve self-sufficiency.

Social Media In Your Job Search

Social networks provide job seekers and employers with an excellent opportunity to connect with each other. This session will highlight the important do’s and don'ts when using social media, and introduce two simple strategies you can apply to become a social media superstar.

Reference List Essentials

References are an important part of job searching but too often they are an afterthought. The best time to gather resources is now! This webinar will explain why employers ask for references, who can be a reference for you and how to get good references if you don't have any.

Negotiate the Job Offer

For some of us, the thought of negotiating a job offer is scary; for others it is part of business. This webinar explores how to decide when to negotiate and some tips on how to do it successfully.

Me, INC.

The world of job searching can sometimes be a lonely place. "Me, Incorporated" represents the idea that you are the sole proprietor in a business that has one mission: to find a job. As job seekers, we need to learn how to properly set our business priorities and workflows to ensure successful "operations". This webinar will highlight a few useful goal setting/time management techniques you can apply to your job search to become more efficient in reaching your goals.

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